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Why I Created This Resource

Many times as teachers we may be unsure exactly what skills our students have mastered. By using this very helpful and Common Core-aligned resource, you’ll be able to start each lesson knowing exactly what skills your students have mastered and what skills they need help with. You also have aligned activities to provide students, making it easy for you to differentiate and provide support to all of your students. You also have an assessment included which can be used for RTI progress monitoring.


Proven Results

Throughout my years of teaching and coaching Math, I have seen student scores on daily exit tickets increase using this effective method of data-driven instruction.


Here are some tips for maximizing this resource in your classroom.


  • Supplement intervention with videos from LearnZillion and Khan Academy.

  • Provide students with practice aligned to all skills presented in this resource packet. I have these available in my store here.

  • Use these available resource packets for all major standards being assessed on your state’s standardized test.


Purchase Information

You will receive a link to download your digital purchase in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Long Division Intervention 3-in-1 Printable

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