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Tutoring &

Private Education

Working with Bold Education Solutions, LLC provides many benefits. Our pupils are provided with learning materials each session, access to an exclusive library of books, and support for online learning.


Pupils experience better overall academic success and you will notice progress after each and every session.

Packages include: (when applicable)

  • Common Core and state standards-aligned instruction

  • Study skill reinforcement

  • Progress reports

  • Resources for continued learning



Scholar achievement increases when Educators & Families engage in BOLD, meaningful, and well-planned sessions focused on the skills needed to address major learning challenges.


Bold Education Solutions, LLC tailors all sessions to best meet the needs of your School, Staff, and Families. Sessions are designed and developed by our consultants who are experts in their respective fields. Our sessions include printed resources, surveys, and follow-up reports, and suggested follow up activities.

Download session descriptions here.



  • Auditing

  • Curriculum design

  • Document design

  • Instructional Coaching

  • Job candidate screening

  • Related services - Counseling, Speech, Behavior Therapy, etc. 

  • Trip planning 

  • Visiting teachers

  • ...and more


The consultants at Bold Education Solutions, LLC work to eliminate academic barriers by providing bold solutions to everyday issues.

We have proven success in overcoming and eliminating barriers in several areas including corrective action plans, IDEA compliance, fundraising, and academic program design.


Our results are achieved through careful analysis of your needs and by providing a full-service hands-on bold solution.

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