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2372 Saint Claude Avenue, Suite 400, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117

Build. Learn. Develop.

Tutoring & Private Education

Our tutors have years of classroom experience with proven results showing growth. Our pupils grow at least 2 letter grades within 1 semester of following a consistent tutoring regimen.


Pupils are provided with learning materials each session, access to an exclusive library of books, and support for online learning.

Private & Corporate Rentals

Our facility features more than 700 square feet with a flexible floor plan that can be changed to accommodate various events. Private access to the fourth-floor allows for an intimate and quiet gathering space with beautiful views of the surrounding city from the private rooftop terrace. Our space is also equipped with a private lavatory and three parking lots located at the rear entrance of the building. Submit your request here.

Professional Development

Curriculum Design

School Design Support

Parent Development Workshops

Our sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your business or school community. Our sessions include printed resources, surveys, and follow-up reports, and suggested follow up activities. Achievement increases when the learning and development that occur is BOLD, meaningful, and directly address challenges faced.

Our consultants work with businesses and educational agencies to create detailed educational curriculum and engaging course content to support the learning and development of youth, families, and educators.

Our consultants have over 20 years experience in school administration. Those working in school design have served as both K-12 private school founders and on charter school founding teams.

Parent engagement is a key mechanisms through which children are socialized for academic successes. During our sessions, parents are introduced to strategies to support their children's learning and academic success.

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