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A Fundraiser

Smoothie Day

2 weeks before Smoothie Day (the host sets the date), we send you a flyer to promote the fundraiser and order forms for parents to purchase either a 12oz kid's smoothie for $5 or a 20oz small smoothie for $7.


Parents choose from up to 4 of Smoothie King's most popular and nutritious smoothies. 

On Smoothie Day, your local Smoothie King brings their branded Smoothie King station, 4 or 5 coolers filled with smoothies pre-ordered by parents, and two Smoothie King team members to distribute smoothies to the children who ordered smoothies. 


Benefits for ALL

Kids and staff get a healthy, tasty treat at a discount and the school receives $1 from each smoothie sold. 

Contact US

This fundraiser is available all year so we can do one as early as this month or set one up for the summer if you all are hosting summer camps this year.


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